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The 2017 Season Starts with a ‘Yeeehaw’ as a 3m+ Swell Hits A-Bay!

Well, it may not be considered ‘peak-season’, but all that means here is uncrowded waves and a perfect swell. Arugam Bay had an amazing start to the summer, with the first few surfers peeping out whilst it was still dark. As the flicker of the final star faded into the sky a beautiful sunrise kick started the day. Hearing news of the swell, some have traveled from one side of the coast to A-bay and others were just lucky enough to have booked their holiday during this time.

In the early morning with no wind, the few early birds scored hard at Main Point. But due to the size of the waves (and the not-so-forgiving reef), it deterred those that weren’t confident enough for the ride and therefore never got too busy out there.

As the day progressed, the crowds grew and there was a great atmosphere! People gathered at Upali Beach House and the surrounding area to watch the beautiful waves role through.

A local legend was catching the bigger sets out back and definitely caught the spectators attention when he charged through the biggest barrel of the day.

A couple of people were unfortunate enough to snap a leash or even a board but the mood wasn’t dampened, in fact the excitement was only rising! Guys were coming out for a rest, but after 5 minutes of watching these perfectly formed waves, they were eager to jump back in.

A few more people joined the line-up around sunset, including a few Aussie girls who were tearing it up!

A few chipped boards, maybe a few chipped egos’, but ultimately a fun day had by all and smiling faces all round on the beach!!

Stay posted for the next good swell coming soon!

See you in the water.

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