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Take A Trip To Peanut Farm…

A mysterious jungle surf spot that was once only accessible by boat, is now popular among those wanting to venture out of Arugam Bay and explore the surrounding tropical scene. The man-made path forged into jungle territory makes the route to Peanut Farm reachable by tuk-tuk or jeep. Surprisingly these nifty tuk-tuks are more than able to manoeuvre through sand that would get your average car stuck!

One highlight of Peanut Farm, besides the beautiful scenery, is the beach break with perfect right-handers peeling from a boulder-shaped rock. It’s an ideal place for beginners and intermediate surfers alike. If you’re looking for a more advanced option, just walk 5 minutes past the boulders and you’ll find the second point. This spot usually gets a bigger swell due to it being more exposed, but there are a couple of rocks under the water to watch out for here.

There’s a cafe offering shade from the sun, refreshments and light bites. Grab a king coconut to re-hydrate! When it’s time to sunbathe or take a nap, hop on one of the recycled pallet swings dotted around. Look out for the jungle shower located around the corner. What better way to rinse off the salt than in the open air with water shooting directly from a tree! What makes this place so special is that it offers a cool little jungle hangout complete with slack-lines for the energetic, or swings for the loungers, a beautiful beach great for swimming, as well as two surf spots to ensure every level of surfer has a good session!

What’s more is that not long ago, this space was used for a music festival and some of the artwork using old coconut shells has been left behind, adding to the epic backdrop and making that mysterious spot even more enigmatic…

We hope this helped you learn a little more about this amazing place and can hopefully experience it for yourself soon!

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