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Fixing Point - Physiotherapy, Massage & Craniosacral Therapy in Arugam Bay

Jetlag? Tired from a long drive? Or perhaps you have a niggling surf injury?

Not to worry! We have a certified massage and physiotherapist in the house. Hailing from Finland, Antti Arffman is highly trained and qualified in many kinds of treatment. Here is a list of some of the treatments he offers:

Traditional Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is a traditional deep tissue massage. It is non painful, very systematic, problem based therapy form and it is good for tight muscles,neck/shoulder/back problems etc.

Treatment time is 60 or 90 minutes.

Massage is an ancient healing form for the soft tissue, suitable for everyone and for all ages. Massage relaxes, reduces stress and treats various muscular tensions and pains in the muscular system. It also improves vascular and lymfatic system serculation.


Physiotherapy specialised on surfing injuries and muscular system problems.

“Together with the client, we’ll find the reasons why the body has gone into imbalance and is starting to break it’s machinery.”

We open the locks of the body with different manual techniques, trigger point therapy, Mulligan mobilisation techniques, myofascia treatments, and various technical tools. The natural balance of the body is regained by functional movement pattern training.

Physiotherapy consists of:

1. Examination/tests/diagnosis/video analysis of dysfunctional movement patterns.

2. Opening/unlocking unbalanced areas of the body with passive treatments

3. Getting back full range of practical movement patterns into formerly dysfunctional body.

4. Practical stabilizing exercises for patients specific problems.

5. Functional strengthening exercises to get back strong and stable body.

Home exercises are on video form and send straight to clients email.

Antti Arffman has done his 3,5 year certified physiotherapist training in Finland Metropolia polytecknic school: 2004-2008.

Craniosacral Therapy - CST

Craniosacral therapy:CST is natural and light method, but a highly effective form of health care. It operates at the level of central nervous system and helps body to activate its own healing mechanisms.

The therapy is done patient lying on his/hers back on the treatment table fully clothed.

Pressure of the touch in CST is very light. There is many different teqnicues that can be used in Cranio sacral therapy according to the situation/patient.

CST-therapy can be useful for treating

  1. Migraine, head ache and vertigo

  2. Teeth grinding/problems with the jaw joint

  3. Chronic neck &shoulder pain, radiating pain

  4. Sleeping disorder/insomnia,stress disorder

  5. Chronic muscular tensions

  6. Post-accident disorders : Whiplash, neck pain, distorted movement patterns etc.

  7. Post-surgery disorders: prolonged pain and tension, unbalanced states of the body

  8. Lower back and hip area pain/problems.

  9. Strain and pain in the eyes

  10. Fibromyalgia/long term pain disorders

  11. Disorders in the central nervous system

CST- therapy can be used as seperade therapy or as part of massage therapy or physiotherapy.

Antti Arffman has done his craniosacral therapy training with Upledger istitute in Ireland and Finland.

Opening Hours:

9:00 - 11:30am

17:00 - 20:00pm

So, if you need some TLC and a bit of a body reset, you can contact Antti directly via email, text ,call or Whatsapp.


Whatsapp: +94763984561


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