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A Long Time Coming

At The Spice Trail we make it a point of pride to offer the best experience we can to our guests. Every year its about incremental improvements. When it's reinforced with an award it makes our efforts feel validated. It's something that every staff member can feel they contributed to.

When we started, our first award score on was an 8.8, then an 8.9 the following year, and last year we achieved a 9.1. This year to get a 9.3 was a monumental accomplishment given the troubles we had in the tourism industry after the Easter bombings. We jumped two whole basis points! While that doesn't sound like much, it's actually really hard to increase your composite score.

We are really thankful to our guests for leaving such great reviews but mostly we are thankful to the staff that makes this happen!

We have a philosophy at the Spice Trail where bonuses are not given based on rank, but on effort. All our tips are shared equally from the managers to the janitors. There are so many staff that work behind the scenes that guests don't get to interact with that make the Spice Trail experience what it is. The gardeners, the janitors, the dishwashers, the prep kitchen, the staff cooks, the laundry, the staff house caretakers, our accountants, purchasing agents, hr team are all agents working towards building a happy team and that leads to a happy experience for our guests.

This award is a group effort and this is a special post to say thank you to ALL our team and to ALL our guests for making it possible!

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