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Here Comes The LBK

The rush of discovery, the fulfillment; the stories, the flavours and the little doses of culture; the sense of community; the fun… we know, and you know, that good food is the ultimate adventure. And, that’s why we’re thrilled about opening up the ‘Little Bang Kitchen’ (LBK) at the Spice Trail this season.

What the LBK brings into the Spice Trail experience is that exhilarating sense of adventure and mix-and-match fun that’s inherent to South Asian and Southeast Asian street food. LBK recreates a version of that playful buzz you feel when exploring a new city, eyeing all the delicious street food and enjoying an insane spectrum of tastes along with rich visual cultures, colours, and moods, all at the same time, in full definition. With unusual recipes inspired by street foods from Sri Lanka, Indo, Singapore, India, and more places from South Asia and Southeast Asia, and with the setup to build your own menu with a little bit of this, a plate of that, and a side of this, the LBK stays true to what’s really at the heart of the perfect street food experience. If trying dumplings with pol sambol and kimchi never crossed your mind, at the LBK, it will. And, you’ll find that ordering a novelty dosai with a kind of laksa you’ve never had before is not only possible but also, the whole point. With delicious drinks that match this spirit of discovery adding to the experience, the LBK lives up to the expectations of even the most devout foodies with serious appetites for adventure.

Who’s orchestrating all these unprecedented levels of food fun that's about to roll out at the Spice Trail? We shared how our founder Prithvi forged a collaboration between the Spice Trail and Jesse Aston—one of the best chefs on the islandthrough a previous story; The LBK was born out of this partnership. Jesse is the kind of chef who pours hard work, heart, and soul into what he does; if it’s a recipe to be perfected by cooking directly on a fire, under a tree, that’s exactly how it’ll be done by Jesse and the team. From making the most delicious noodles from scratch in our own kitchens to perfectly hand-folding a dumpling, each dish is made with a lot of care, using ingredients sourced from our local suppliers. With Jesse’s mastery and our team’s commitment to quality leading the way, you can be sure to find some damn good food at the LBK.

For everyone staying at the Spice Trail, and those returning to Arugambay this season for some eastern sun, this means a fantastic food experience with a refreshing element of fun to it. With a great kids’ menu, some delicious vegetarian and vegan options, and the flexibility to build your menu plate-by-plate, the LBK is for those meeting people for drinks and a little something, as much as the ones dining with their small soul-crew, or the monstrous 18-pax family, and even those riding solo. Great for experimenting, sharing, snacking, and building your own full-blown street food-inspired meal, LBK is now taking over the main restaurant space at the Spice Trail.

We think it brings some truly missed oomph for the whole East Coast food scene. Drop in, tell us what you think.


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