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Yes to Sri Lanka

With more travel bans being issued for Sri Lanka, some people have asked us what it’s really like to visit; some have also asked why the travel experiences of many don’t seem to include the sensational pictures floating around the internet. So, we put together a quick story about what it means to travel to Sri Lanka right now. Before you cancel your plans or decide to postpone, read this story and see how your visit to Sri Lanka could bring hope to many, and unique meaning to you.

In 2019, crisis came to us a year before for the rest of the world with the Easter Bombings. So, Sri Lanka was already knee-deep when facing the covid-19 pandemic in 2020. The economic crisis that unfolded from this through 2021 and concerns about government mismanagement led to people uniting in calling for a change in governance. In 2022, what started off as spontaneous, leaderless protests by Sri Lankans on one of Colombo’s most iconic beaches spread into a nationwide nonviolent movement against the government. We were particularly impressed with how these people’s protests unravelled peacefully, with the involvement of lawyers and public platforms to share political knowledge while deterring attempts to involve violence. The Spice Trail believes in the unity that the protests have brought about and how the people’s voice is now pushing the government to make drastic changes. There’s a lot more to be done, but we welcome these first steps in the right direction.

All these massive shifts have made the environment in Sri Lanka, particularly in the cities, financially volatile. Yes, there is turmoil and chaos; but, it is very much within the political and economic streams of the island. Parallel to them runs the other streams of life in Sri Lanka—definitely influenced, yet continuing to flow. Even while facing unprecedented challenges, you still find life flowing strong with some incredible moments of peace and clarity that are so characteristic of Sri Lanka’s island current. It flows, keeping bakers baking bread, doctors driving to hospitals, children going to school, farmers reaping their harvests, people stopping to watch the sunset or surf a wave… Life continues to flow. This is why you find many recent travellers to the island talking about why the sensational images online don’t quite reflect the reality of how the entire country is successfully keeping their political and economic crisis from affecting the crucial tourism industry.

So, come visit. We’re ready with everything you need. We’ve taken stock of the essentials that get affected by crises like this, and secured solutions. Our electric generator and blackwater recycling system in the resort will make sure that the Spice Trail always has power and clean water with some carefully chosen comforts. By keeping our menus based on local ingredients as much as possible, we’re withstanding inflation and the depreciation of the Sri Lankan Rupee while keeping our food fresh, delicious and affordable for you. We’ve also brought our network of friends and partners in jungle tours, surf lessons and other travel experiences closer; This is so that our guests can avoid hassles like finding rides or tours through the ongoing fuel shortages without having to compromise the breadth of their travel experience.

We find that a visit to Sri Lanka is as meaningful as it has always been. Now, it’s actually meaningful for a new reason too; this is that Sri Lanka is a living example of how people united with hope can always make it through, no matter what. It’s a travel experience that can change the way you view challenges.


For up-to-date news that can help you better understand the political and economic crisis in Sri Lanka, we recommend For some well-rounded first-hand experience of travelling in Sri Lanka through this crisis, check out this story by Nadir and this one by True Budget Travelling.

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