We are proud to introduce THE LOCAL - our in house restaurant featuring our favorite dishes from travels all over the world.


Trying to use as local ingredients as possible we are slowly converting our menu to a localized, farm grown experience.



Join us for happy hour every night and get great deals on house made cocktails!

Our in house bar features a diverse wine and beer list.


Looking for a Rose or custom cocktail to kick off the evening? Then look no further than The Local.

komari farms

In 2017 we bought a farm. Actually it was a piece of sand next to a surf break, but we decided it should be a farm.

It's not easy turning sand into soil but after two years we  are on our way to growing pesticide and chemical free food!

The goal is to be totally permaculture by 2024.


Looking for the best coffee and baked goods in the Bay? Head to Bites! This cozy cafe is located by the entrance to The Spice Trail.

The friendly staff and classic tunes should be enough to make you want to spend a few hours eating cake and drinking kombucha.

Vegan friendly!


We set up in 2013, with a vision to create a place that’s clean, comfortable and with all the amenities of a hotel - but with that personal family feel. After working tirelessly in New York City for 12 years, I chose to move back to Sri Lanka (my home) and create a new lifestyle focused around all the things I love - family, food, surfing and meeting new people.

This dream turned into a reality in 2013 when we opened our first three cabanas - all with a Scandinavian influence in the design. In 2017 we expanded and now are complete with a total of 12 villas, a swimming pool and a cafe at the top of the driveway.

The BITES coffee shop is run independently. Their home-baked goods have been described as ‘organically sourced morsels of yumminess’ and the ‘best coffee in Arugam Bay”. Open throughout the year.

We are stoked to share our dream with you guys, and hope to welcome you to the Spice Trail soon!