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A Letter From Sri Lanka Part 3

This is part of a series of letters I wrote to our guests after the horrible Easter Bombings that took place April 21st, 2019. It had such a positive response that I thought it would be good to share thoughts of the situation from inside as it transpired.

Part 3, June 17 2019

Dear Guests,

Some of you have told me you enjoy getting these updates but perhaps some of you don't want your mailboxes cluttered. This should hopefully be my last update before we actually get to meet you in person. What this means is that the situation is quite good now and I I think this letter will put you at ease regarding the security situation.

Currently most embassies have lifted their travel restrictions for Sri Lanka although a few remain holding out. I suspect that should change in the near course as well. The surf in Arugam Bay has been really great and the crowds even better due to lack of the usual numbers that come during the peak season which begins in June and goes through September. So those of you coming to surf maybe in luck! Don't worry, I'll still be in the lineup along with all the friendly locals hustling for waves ;)

Despite how good I'd like to think my surfing is, the current situation in Sri Lanka maybe even better. The security checkpoints are starting to lessen, although it is reassuring to see a few military and police posts along the way remaining vigilant. Don't be alarmed by these, it's actually a positive thing and very non-intrusive. I thank the officers every time they stop me and tell them I appreciate them keeping a watch over the situation so that we can get on with our lives. They appreciate it as well.

I want to share with you a picture that my father took recently of one of the churches that was attacked on Easter Sunday. This was the scene of one the biggest losses. As you can see the church has now been restored to it's former beauty. The Sri Lanka Navy dispatched its engineers to do this. Another benefit of having our tri-forces available to rebuild the nation.

I encourage you to take a look. This picture elicits so many emotions for me, but most of all is appreciation. Life can be fragile sometimes, especially considering Sri Lanka's past 30 year civil war, tsunami and now this. But our ability as a country to bounce back from tragedy is strong, and seeing this really affirms that for me.

I am proud of this nation and our resilience and I can't wait for my team and I to be able to share this beautiful country with you. Mind you it's not all roses... we're still a nation with a whole heap of issues to sort out. And you will probably get ripped off by some street hustler attempting to sell you something, but it all comes in the package. If your tuk driver wants an extra few bucks I would say, don't sweat the small stuff and enjoy the larger picture. But that's just me.

As always, if anything does change regarding the situation in the country I will reach out again. Your safety is always a greater concern than anything else so you can always respond back to me for any updates regarding what we are seeing on this side of the pond.

Hope to see you soon or at some point in the future!

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