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Fresh, local and closer to Earth

At the heart of the Spice Trail is food, surf, family, and again, food. What we eat is so, so important to us. We know that fresh food that’s good for you can also be creative, fun and insanely delicious. Ingredients that bring in better freshness, and recipes that make food fun, tasty and nourishing are part of how we offer great taste and quality to everyone who dines at the Spice Trail. Good food is definitely a big focus for us.

Our resident eatery LBK has a dinner menu that is a good reflection of this. It’s an operation that marries the world’s travel experiences and street food fun with local ingredients. LBK has always put local ingredients first and tried to incorporate food made from scratch as much as possible. This is a practice that has gone a long way for us. Especially now, with our home Sri Lanka facing some major shifts in the economic and political realms, understanding how to work with recipes that are less dependent on imports has helped us stay consistent in our delivery of quality and taste.

Working with local partners and communities, we’ve set up some great networks that allow us to forage fresh year-round. We often harvest from our own little farm a few kilometers away from Arugam Bay in Komari—a work-in-progress that’s very close to our heart. At other times, village stores and local fishermen become the main source of our food supply. This practice of using locally-sourced ingredients leads to a win-win-win scenario for us, our guests, and the local economy. We get to incorporate the freshest ingredients into the recipes and maintain great quality with our guests getting to enjoy delicious meals freshly made from scratch; All this, while also helping the local economy thrive.

A side benefit that we really enjoy through our practice of sourcing fresh and local, is the great people that it connects with the Spice Trail. Working with local communities is part of honoring our sense of place and reflecting the flavors true to the area—even when we are creating recipes that were picked up during travels far away. Our guests notice these details and they love it as much as we do when our fishermen friends or jungle honey collectors show up at the LBK kitchen doors to drop off something tasty.

When you order at the LBK, make sure to try out items made from scratch in our kitchens; like the Gochujang prawn pasta, Mushroom Bolognese and the Masala Beef Ragu with homemade pasta and our house blend of garam masala. The Pav Bhaji served with homemade soft butter bread and Roti Canai made in our kitchens are other top choices for ordering fresh.

So, the next time you’re in Arugam Bay, come enjoy some really fresh flavors at the LBK. We think you’ll find it extra satisfying to enjoy food that gives appreciation to local farmers, growers, fishermen, and our chefs who take pride in making delicious food from scratch.

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