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Food being a key part of the Spice Trail experience, we try to keep the origins of our ingredients close and clean. This means that we value locally grown fruits and vegetables over supermarket-bought ones, and we try to grow our own at The Komari Farms where permaculture practices give a clean, wholesome harvest.

Komari Farms was born two years ago, just twenty kilometers south of the Spice Trail. It’s a beautiful land by a pristine stretch of beach. As much as being a beachfront is great for its instagrammability, the sandy earth gave us a major challenge when it came to farming. It was the kind of land that most people would give up on as a place suitable only for low-value monocrop cultivations like peanuts, or aubergine. But, we decided to go after the impossible dream of making a farm by the sea. Employing local farmers and agri experts, we were able to manually introduce nutrients and water to the land. After two years of hard work, we just had the first patch of sand turning into a nicely browned, cultivable soil; and we’ve managed to successfully grow delicious yellow melons, heirloom tomatoes, long beans, okra and much more on this seaside farm.

Currently, 25% of the food we serve at the Spice Trail’s LBK (Local Bar and Kitchen) has been sourced from this farm. Our aim is to bring it up to 50% in the next three years. Growing food responsibly is not easy, and certainly not cheap; we found out for ourselves from our experience with the Komari Farms. But true quality in food is something that goes beyond good taste, an interesting recipe and impressive presentation—it’s also what really nourishes your body. This is why the struggle we put into making healthy, wholesome food accessible to people who walk into the Spice Trail and LBK, is worth every bit. At the end of the day, the truth is that we are what we eat.

If you want to find out more about the Komari Farms, or book a tour where you can visit it, pluck some delicious fruits and vegetables, and go for a swim while our team cooks up a delicious harvest meal, write to us. We can make it happen.

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