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Catching Waves

Some days, you get all the waves with no one else on the break. Some days, you catch a few good ones. But some days, you get none. The wind is off, or you’re off, and things just don’t seem to line up. But, when you live somewhere slow, like Ahangama or Arugam Bay where the Spice Trail is based, you notice that life is a wave; Even when you don’t get the surf, there’s always a wave to catch; There’s always a lesson, and a trail worth following. That’s why we welcome guests around the year, whether there’s surf or not. The things to do and the adventures to chase are many; and this is true for life at the Spice Trail whether it’s in the off-season or or through the peak months to surf.

Simon, who came to the Spice Trail to surf and get some work done between the sessions, was one of our guests who chanced a tour with @surfntoursrilanka. It was before the surf season had begun; The sand had just arrived but the waves were still in the yes-no-maybe stage. So, there was really no good reason to leave our notoriously comfy bed early in the morning. Sleep in. Enjoy those cloud-like pillows a little longer knowing that there will still be a wave to catch, even if you missed the surf.

Late morning, Simon joined a tour with our friend and partner Nuwan behind @surfntoursrilanka. At the Spice Trail, we work with local trail experts and people who have grown up in these coastal towns to help our guests really experience Sri Lanka beyond the beaten track, and have plenty of options to have fun and discover something special. @surfntoursrilanka is one of these partners offering fantastic experiences connecting people to the vastness of nature—the kind that reminds you that you’re always free under the open skies, within a view of the ocean, or between the silent rocks and the living green of the trees.

Just before the harvest, the paddies take on a lush green. Walking between them is a particularly wonderful experience. Finding a beach with absolutely no one around is still possible here; You get to sit there in secret pleasure, marvelling at how all this is just for your eyes. With only the sound of the birds and wind in his ears, Simon found that he could still access that tranquillity of a morning spent surfing on a quiet beach.

One of the best things about travelling with someone as seasoned as Nuwan from @surfntoursrilanka is that you get to experience the bliss behind the chaos even at moments that would usually have you worrying for your life. Hearing a group of kids scream ‘Aliya! Aliya!’ (Elephant! Elephant!), Nuwan led Simon and the other guests to a safe rock with a perfect view of wild elephants bathing in the lagoon. It was one of those moments where you feel very lucky to share perfectly timed a moment with nature, just like when you catch a great wave.

Making their way through the lagoon on a boat, with the sound of the oars peeling the water like a song, Simon watched sights and scenes that filled his sense of wonder towards this world. Nuwan would tell stories, and things like names of the birds lazing on the trees along the banks, or how an ancient king carved steps into a rock to reach his favourite place to bathe.

There’s a moment, when you reach the top of the rock and all the stories stop. Everyone grows silent. You’re content just watching the incredible view. There’s no need to say anything.

Simon and our other guests returned to the Spice Trail with big grins, sweaty backs, and that air of triumph you bring back from a killer surf session. They’ve connected to the cruise speed of life in the rise and fall of nature. They caught the wave.


When you book to stay with us at the Spice Trail, don’t forget to ask us about travelling with @surfntoursrilanka. Whether you’re into exploring tropical jungles and unfrequented beaches, walking through paddy fields and taking boat rides along lagoon waters, or a custom experience, we can make it happen. Because, even if you come here for surfing or a worcation, know that there’s much more than great breaks, glassy waves and a perfect room for working and relaxing.

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