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Life Outside The City

When you realise that the air you’re breathing is simply pure; that the food you’re relishing in, is nothing but goodness from the earth; and that your life has led somewhere you can take the time to appreciate every single color of a sunset—alone, on a rock surrounded by silence… That’s when you realise how lucky you are to be alive, and part of this wild, wild world. There’s nothing to beat these larger-than-life moods that only nature can inspire in us.

And, that’s why the Spice Trail is based here in Arugam Bay, where we’re surrounded by the purest nature, way outside the city, and inches from the wild.

Life at the Spice Trail is very different to one spent in the city or the suburbs. However, the lessons you learn and the experiences that you earn will change you, and the way you handle situations back in the everyday grind. A morning spent in the ocean on surfboard, gathering the courage to do the seemingly impossible task of standing up on a moving wave, will teach you a lot about the subtle art of taking worthwhile risks. A drive down a jungle path to catch a chance encounter with some fantastic beast will tickle your curiosity and instincts like no Monday afternoon webinar could. Being suddenly surrounded by a sea of cattle while on a narrow road will not just stop at being a refreshing substitute to those bleak rush hour traffic jams; it’ll also be a lesson on how, sometimes, the best thing to do is to sit back and allow the world to take over… Time spent in nature is time spent growing.

According to many of our guests, the most special part about all this, is how you get to share these rare experiences with your family. Watching your two-year-old interact with entities as enormous as the ocean and the open skies, you will literally see their perceptions about the world shifting. Meeting new people from around the world, you will see your kids’ minds open up to other ways of living life, while you might even find yourself in a strange sync with everyone else living this slow life, sharing smiles, nods, greetings, and small talk with strangers.

Being at the Spice Trail where you don’t have to even think about getting breakfast ready (or coffee, or lunch, or tea, or dinner for that matter), you will suddenly find that a yoga session, a surf, or even both, are surprisingly easy goals to meet in your regular day. Even for parents with young kids staying with us, we’ve made it easy to take turns playing, working, and getting some time to be alone. The Spice Trail experience has something for everyone when it comes to hitting that reset button on life.

So, if you’re thinking about reconnecting to the source, teaching your minions how to appreciate the great outdoors; or simply about taking slow walks on the beach, breathing deep, and enjoying just how incredible our planet is, get in touch with us to plan your time out.

You know where to find us; we’ll be where the world lies open, vast, wonderful, and wild.

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