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Living The Good Life

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

Imagine the perfect day, living the perfect life. To us, this means waking up somewhere beautiful that’s just a walk away from the beach, a swim with the fam or surfing a great wave; with food that tastes good and actually does good; and where you can get together with friends to share a drink and make some memories as the day ends. The Spice Trail is a toast to this idea of living the good life.

This philosophy of centering the Spice Trail experience in our idea of the good life, is at the heart of the business. But, it actually comes from the core of the people who make up the Spice Trail— particularly, our founder Prithvi. See, the Spice Trail was not created after the idea of a hotel per se. It was built on the idea of a space that helps you live the good life. That’s why all our villas resemble comfortable homes, in look, function, and feel, with their own gardens and privacy. In fact, Prithvi has a home very much like the villas— at the far end of the Spice Trail— where he gets the same experience as a guest staying with us. It’s how he works with the Spice Trail crew to try out new things, perfect the classic favourites, and constantly evolve this idea of the ultimate island lifestyle.

It goes even beyond that; with The Spice Trail being created around the idea of home, and also actually being a home, it is a place that has been built to last. If you look closely, you will see that the fittings, materials, homeware, and accessories that we’ve chosen are not only about comfort, but also about quality and durability, making sure the Spice Trail experience stays consistent for years.

Many things that make the Spice Trail experience came about this way, through personal experiences of what makes life good, and memories of things we’ve loved around the world. Like, when we built a family-friendly pool; We got the brainwave through Prithvi, who loves pool time as one the favourite ways to spend time with his little guy. The move to work in a pool within the Spice Trail experience has been a game-changer for many. Parents now come here knowing that they can get in some quality time with the kids, within a setting that allows them to have hours of fun together, while even possibly squeezing in a bit of exercise on the side.

For the Spice Trail, food is at the heart of the good life. We really believe that food is connected to where you are, and the people of that place. That’s why within just a few years after starting the Spice Trail, we ended up starting a farm; and it felt quite natural and right. Although no one in the team, including Prithvi, ever thought that our work would involve a farm, learning from the land and working with local pros was precisely what we needed to complete the food experience that makes the good life at the Spice Trail. Here’s a story about the magic that’s starting to happen on this little farm that brings in a portion of the fresh produce that you enjoy with us.

Another secret we’ve learnt about creating the good life here is that the magic happens in the little things. This is exactly why we spent months perfecting the drink that makes everyone feel good at the end of the day— the Reef Break. Named by one of our guests who loved his life at the Spice Trail, the Reef Break has become the signature cocktail at our LBK bar, and people can’t seem to get enough of it. Made using fresh ingredients from our farm, like lime, ginger, and lemongrass with the local spirit arrack, the Reef Break is a toast to the Arugam Bay main point, mixed to reflect the quality of its world-class wave— its thrill, the danger, and the reward of the risk. Deliciously flavoured and generously boozy, it is just one of those wonderful things that make living the Spice Trail life well worth it.

So, if you’re dreaming of seriously good family time, wholesome food, great drinks, and living the good life, you just may be due for a visit to the Spice Trail this season. Call us up, we’re here to make it happen.

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