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The Little Big Things Of The Spice Trail Life

Every now and then, our guests tell us about something that came across as a nice little surprise during their stay at the Spice Trail. These are our favourite comments of all time, because we believe that the big picture of a life well lived is really framed by those little things.

The great nesting potential of our villas is one of these little pleasures that our guests mention often. Created with the idea of a micro shell of a home in mind, people find it easy to settle in, get really comfortable and unwind in our villas. Having storage for all your essentials, a work desk, a tea and coffee station, and a minifridge allows you to create an uncomplicated nest with just what you need. Over the years, we’ve found that people really appreciate simple comforts like a great AC and a snug cotton beanbag. There’s something really wonderful about a space that only surrounds you with bare essentials and carefully chosen comfort; it has a way of simplifying things and making you think about what really matters at the end of the day. We think this is why people enjoy actually living at the Spice Trail for a few weeks, and even months.

With the music collective Tropical Wax bringing some great tunes to the Spice Trail during our Sunset Sessions, our guests have been able to get a real feel of the moods brewing in Sri Lanka’s cultural undercurrents through music. This has been a sweet little surprise for many. A few years ago, when we first met the Tropical Wax collective, it was obvious that we cared about the same things. They liked good music and good times just as much as we do. Since then, Leo, Emanuel, Paloma, and the rest have been bringing some great moods to our LBK bar deck, always ending up with getting everyone up and dancing. The Sunset Sessions at the Spice Trail are slowly starting to become a thing here at the bay. A fun scene to be in.

When you’re moving with a group—whether it's your little love nest, core crew or the whole big fat family— synergy becomes a make-or-break thing. Another nice detail that people enjoy about their Spice Trail life is how maintaining a good synergy within a pack literally becomes effortless. Between our pool, bar, restaurant, Bites café, and the ocean, QT with the kids, hanging with the whole family, and getting yourself some solo time suddenly becomes possible.

Every season, we experiment with a few new things. Depending on whether people say yay or nay, we bring them in or out of the permanent Spice Trail experience. Unlimited amounts of filtered water in glass bottles and the customizability of our kids' menu were moves that came about this way.

A surprise even for us was this little big thing that only a very few people have discovered at the Spice Trail. Sharing it here, maybe it will inspire more to try it. Arugam Bay has very little light pollution and will reveal some of the starriest nights you’ll ever see. Pick a clear night to hang back at your villa at the Spice Trail, to stargaze from your private garden. Order room service, spread those beach towels on the grass, open a bottle of wine, and load up a star map on your phone. We’ve been told it’s one great memory to take back home.

If you have a story about little things that became big things, and that you’ve enjoyed about your Arugam Bay life here at the Spice Trail, send us a message. We love hearing them and sharing them.

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